My matric ball
4 months ago
The matric dance was a chance for me to make beautiful memories. It's something I will take with me to University or College. It's something I can use to remember my friends, my classmates and my school. At first I was really nervous when I thought about the matric ball. I've never worn a formal…
Tiktok slang for 2023
12 months ago
What makes TikTok aka the clock app unique? It has to be the sense of familiarity as it recognises the smallest of things that we do daily, from skincare to chores or even mannerisms.  TikTok can be both general, but can also be quite niche, which helps people not feel like outsiders or weird for…
Is flirting cheating?
a year ago
Imagine being on Instagram and seeing a certain post that your partner liked and commented on. The comment is something along the lines of  ‘Beautiful (heart emoji)’. You confront your partner and they don't see anything wrong with what they did, to them it was just harmless flirting with a friend. Was it harmless flirting…