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Thank you to the YOZA team for donating all their content – including all the original comments of readers on – to FunDza! Read all the stories, plays and poems via the following links:

Fiction – Books
The Awesomes 1: Never Been Kissed
The Awesomes 2: Kiss Me Now!
The Awesomes 3: Who Am I?
Sisterz 1: Latoya’s Secret
Sisterz 2: Hidden Danger
Sisterz 3: Cheating
Streetskillz 1: Golden Goal
Streetskillz 2: Silver’s Treasure
Streetskillz 3: Killer Instinct
Kontax 1: The Beginning
Kontax 1: isiXhosa
Kontax 2: The Big Win
Kontax 3: The Holiday Diaries
Kontax 4: Family Ties
Kontax 5: The Sext Files
Confessions of a Virgin Loser
Confessions of a Troubled Young Man
Pynstiller (AFRIKAANS)
The Piece of String
Someone like me
It could happen to you …
First Date
An Angel in Everyone
Perfect Teeth
Romeo + Khunjulwa
The Chain Story Challenge
Vakansieromanse (AFRIKAANS)

King Lear
Romeo and Juliet

Classic poems (Part 1)
Classic poems (Part 2)
Classic Poems (Part 3)