A History of Africa

AUTHOR: Lutz van Dijk

PUBLISHER: Tafelberg


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A History of Africa is written by Lutz van Dijk, with a foreword by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, who writes:

“Yes- it is possible to tell the history of this continent through the diverse voices of African women and men, through their laughter and pain, through their mistakes and successes, through their hope and despair. No interpretation is needed just an open mind – to listen.

Lutz van Dijk has done just this. He has told the history of a continent through the voices of African women and men. The book is dedicated to the people of Masiphumelele township in Cape Town.

FunDza thanks Lutz van Dijk for making this book available to FunDza for use on its mobi network.

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  2. i like the blacks and i like myself being a black.

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    • Being black means that you are the father of all, white,red and brown.

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