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  1. The right to freedom of association

  2. The rights to use the language, and participate in the cultural life, of your choice

  3. MoneyWise - Essential money skills for young minds

  4. Activist Guide - Your Right to Protest

  5. The right to social security

  6. The right to social security

  7. The rights of people with disabilities to equality, human dignity and education handbook

  8. The right to access information

  9. The Slavery Servitude and Forced Labour handbook

  10. The Right to Strike Handbook

  11. The Right to Human Dignity Handbook

  12. The Right to Equality Handbook

  13. The right to health

  14. Handbook for the rights of arrested, detained and accused persons

  15. Child Rights

  16. How to easily make drinking water clean and pure

  17. Access to Housing Handbook

  18. Freedom of Expression handbook

  19. Img Book

    Maternity Booklet

  20. Education rights - the right to basic education

  21. Political rights - the right to vote in a democracy

  22. Environmental Rights Handbook

  23. Freedom of Religion, Opinion and Belief

  24. Tips4Tertiary 2014