Catalogue: Moment Poems
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  1. Fanz

    Please Come Back

  2. Fanz

    My Competition

  3. Fanz

    Slow Bomb!

  4. Fanz

    Happy Mother's Day

  5. Fanz

    Rush Hour in the City

  6. Fanz

    Land that Faced Oppression

  7. Fanz

    Bone and Water

  8. Fanz

    To Hell with the Hood

  9. Fanz

    What Do you Want From Me

  10. Fanz

    In Death Divided

  11. Fanz

    Women Wow (at City's Jazz Festival)

  12. Fanz

    The Spring Day

  13. Fanz

    In Training to Be

  14. Fanz

    He Who Laughs Last

  15. Fanz

    Happy (Human Rights Day)

  16. Fanz

    Librarians Also Do it

  17. Fanz

    The Realties of Life

  18. Fanz

    At Camps Bay Beach

  19. Fanz

    You Can Be Whatever You Want to Be, Son!

  20. Fanz

    They Are Going There

  21. Fanz

    The Shining Stone

  22. Fanz

    Tribute To Nomisile Violet Zatu

  23. Fanz

    Talking Drums

  24. Fanz

    A Happier Day