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Thanks. I'm happy 2 hear that.
sello mahaleletsa · 2 years ago
Sir Mahapeletsa, I've read all your stories and enjoyed them immensely. You're a gifted writer and a great teacher. Every story had a lesson and I could related to the hardships those teens were going through. I just wish I could have been wiser when I was 16 but I've learnt that everyone deserves a 2nd chance. I hope other life changing stories are on the way. Thank you Sir! #SALUTE
Simbu · 2 years ago
It's ppl like you who motivate me to keep on writing. Thanks for reading once again.
Sello Mahapeletsa · 2 years ago
I'm happy to hear that... Thanks 4 reading.
Sello Mahapeletsa · 2 years ago
Tnx teacher sello.. :)
Bibi · 2 years ago