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How Blessed Is This author!she/he is very talented indeed. Lastly,i credit FunDza team for there rigorious work on digging deep,gathering all these aspiring stories.for me,i love FunDza so much,,,and my prayer is that here in my country Malawi we shd have an entity like FunDza.Additionally,i'ld be more grateful if i will knw more about the author,,,whether it will be on "inspiring tomorrow" as long as i have read her/his biography,,,ld love it so much,thank u funDza team!
Joseph Mhone · 8 months ago
Mmm kodwa ingiphelele kabhlungu, sengizwelu Mary mina nje.. . AWU MBHALIWAMI NGIYABONGA, engathi singathola esinye futhi.
Daniel Daluzekso Sikhosana Duma · 8 months ago
stabaze · 9 months ago
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FunDza Team · 9 months ago
dear nice stories u've got dere hope u don't mind me posting it on my website plzzZZZZZ BUT IT WILL SOLELY BE WRITTEN AS U BEING THE AUTHOR
stabaze · 9 months ago