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Sorry Michelle Hattingh and Sexy S for what you had to go through,I know it's hard but life still goes on
Sharon.K · 2 weeks ago
Sorry but no offense you're lucky in my whole teenage life I was blamed for being raped but 10 guys in 1 night on my 13th birthday on that night I was happy I was finally a teenager but the tables were turned by 10 guys who I call my really worst nightmares but all you get are a bunch of sorries but I don't mean to be rude it's just so hard for me.
Sexy S · 4 weeks ago
Thanks for this awesome spectacular book and I'm sorry for what you had to go through
r.p. rams · 4 months ago
BARH · 7 months ago
You are an amazing , wonderful writer and sorry for what happened to you and your friend 😊
Nicandra · 8 months ago