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You are my role model
Kunny · 3 years ago
(F) Sunnyvale_babe(F) 😏 Get a life! Loser!!
Nodumo Majola · 3 years ago
My role model 💚
Nodumo Majola · 3 years ago
Nobody will ever kill me👌🤞😭
Nodumo Majola · 3 years ago
Evah Thembi · 3 years ago
Bohang · 3 years ago
Mbu maloni I personally think that your biography is the most greatest and saddest I've ever read I actually cried several times becoz of this book it's so painful what you had to go through throughout your life you never had the chance to enjoy your childhood like everyone else but still you managed to pull through and you are such a extraordinary human being coz u managed to keep your smile and you never grew angry to those who hurt you a lot but instead you wished for them to change their ways and for that I say thank you very very very much there are not a lot of people who are still like that today I really hope that you finished school and fulfilled your dreams coz you are such a a wonderful person.....your book made me see life in a different way it made me realise that you should always appreciate the little things that you have becoz somewhere out there there are people who have nothing so thank you very much I really hope your story inspires more people and I hope that you will never stop writing and you will never give up on life 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💚💖💜💜💜💜thank you so very much mbu maloni 💖💖💖💖💜💖💖💖💚💚
Anotha Zondo · 3 years ago
Keep it up Mbu I'm your biggest fan 😁😊😊😊😊
It ip · 3 years ago
I love you I love I love you Keep writing ungaze uphele amandla 🙏♥️!
A Ndinisa · 4 years ago
Mbu keep it up bro ilyk your stories ;)
Nomtha · 7 years ago
Andina mona sona isiphiwo unaso bafo ekubhaleni ungalulahli usiba lwakho ke
M.ngesi · 8 years ago
gud job mbu
Yoliswa · 9 years ago
It is amzng stry
Bongiwe · 9 years ago
Dear Mr Maloni, I´ve just finished reading your gripping and touching autobiographical novel "Nobody Will Ever Kill Me" with my year 9 in our English lessons. The students were quite impressed, not to say shocked that a lot of their African peers are living in the sort of conditions you describe in your book. Our school has been supporting HOKISA for a while and Lutz van Dijk has repeatedly been to our school. He told us that very nearly you would have accompanied him, which would, of course, have been a huge and very pleasant surprise to us all. We wish you and your family the very best for your future. Kindest regards, Barbara Theilmeier
Barbara Theilmeier · 10 years ago
(F)Sunnyvale_babe(F) · 11 years ago
Ja dts the power of god.mbu god has a purpose abt ur lyf,ur a great wrtr i rili enjoyd ur book.kip it up nd trust in God
CIARA · 11 years ago
I lyk ur book man
MR+NYC · 11 years ago
Hey Mbu, Im in Dbn n i ws wondering wher can i buy yr book,plz reply.
Fanele · 11 years ago
Well done indeed mbu and very good work
++++++++TP++++++++ · 11 years ago
I was very touched with your story, well done Bhuti.
Nosimo · 11 years ago
I lv ur story
Ntombi · 11 years ago
hy mbu i like your book though i havent read it all keep it up im also a writer and i would like to get some ideas from you here is my mxt id 0734212766
zingie · 11 years ago
exe mbu ndim u ta spah i just want to say BIG UP ntwana hears ma number just give me a coll 0784626392
siphamandla zuma · 11 years ago
hey i love your book a lot
karabo · 12 years ago
Hi Claudelle You an order the book from Loot for R105.00. The online order form is available at: http://www.loot.co.za/product/mbu-maloni-nobody-will-ever-kill-me/rhfp-1766-g720?referrer=iosa
FunDza Team · 12 years ago
Hi Mbu, I would like to purchase about 15 copies of your book and am struggling to find a store in Cape Town that stocks it. do you have any ideas of where I can get hold of 15-20 copies from in Cape Town. Thanks Claudelle
Claudelle David · 12 years ago
Mbü thats really goöd aboüt you...not giving up but always have hope...nice one,so where can i get your book..?
Ofentse j Dlamini · 12 years ago
Wish u da gud luck sir keep it up
Fannie · 12 years ago
Well done mbu i lv ur book very much
Luxolo Vunathi · 12 years ago
I wish u all da best MR Maloni god wll bless u, ur book i love it :D nd i wll buy it ;)
TRIVIO · 12 years ago
this dude will go far trust me you will i praise you good day sir good day
Mafura · 12 years ago
Wish all the best MBU MALONI
BONGANI · 12 years ago