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Hi lukhanyo ! What a wonderful author you are . But am just curious on how YOU get THE cover page of your books 2 have pictures relating to the topic of the story . Care 2 share ? :-)
Kb · 2 weeks ago
Wow i didn't know that chewing gum was banned in Singapore 😶
Tsheppy69 · 4 weeks ago
Thank you so much Tsheppy69. There are still more writings coming. Keep reading! 🙃
Lukhanyo · 4 weeks ago
You are very talented,😀
Tsheppy69 · 4 weeks ago
I love your books Lukhanyo, They are enjoyable and very helpful,You are inspiring me,I also wish to be able to write like you❤️,I dont mind reading any book of yours over and over again,Please keep up the amazing work 😁
Tsheppy69 · 4 weeks ago