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@Londeka - The part 2 of Shattered Heart is definitely coming but I can't tell you when. It will be a surprise and thanks for reading my work. In case you didn't know, this was my first Fanz short story. @ZAYMA - Like most writers I am inspired by my life experiences and things that I read about on the news. One night I was about to sleep when a thought about my high school experience came to me. I thought of how easy it was to lose friendships over relationships. This thought gave birth to the plot of Love and Friendships
Lukhanyo · a week ago
Goodday@Lukhanyo...i just wanted to know what inspires your writings ...I mean what actually inspires each specific book which you write ?For example:what inspired"love and friendship"? I'd really appreciate your response 🙂. P.S: From:An aspiring young writer
ZAYMA · 3 weeks ago
Thank you guys for your wonderful comments. <3
Lukhanyo · 3 weeks ago
I love your books.
Tchouandemnoubissi5 · a month ago
Lukhanyo you a good writer excellent work keep it up 😃🤩 Can we get shattered heart part 2 plzzz 🙏your books are good
Londeka · 2 months ago