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🤣😹sarcasm at its peak “My favourite comedians work in Parliament”
AndieSmartie · 2 years ago
Reading his bio and I love him already 😹😹
ZAMA NGEBEZA · 2 years ago
This is awesome
Evah Thembi · 2 years ago
You're depressed because you're a pirates' fan? I don't blame you
Gemini88 · 2 years ago
😂🤣😂🤣i love he how he said my favourite comedians are in parliament...pure sarcasm
Le Roux · 3 years ago
Corrected: "The Cost Of Looting"
BeeÅBlur · 3 years ago
Thanks for the amazing work and your recent "The Result of Looting" I loved it!♥
BeeÅBlur · 3 years ago
Keep writing more Zithulele
Tsheppy69 · 3 years ago
Wow keep writing more ♥♥♥
mo girl · 3 years ago
Wow Zithulele !!!@ I am also a pirate fan👑🏁💯📸
Gogeus G · 3 years ago