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Thank uu! @tshidi_bee
(X)C0urTe0us_VanQuiSher(X) · 11 years ago
Have child is not an easy thing,... Especially when you have to raise a baby alone with aut a father..... Boys can be so convincing when they want to get between your legs bt when is time to responsibility they then find the caurage of running away.... So i'll advice my fellow sisters that they should be not fooled by boys sweets little wordz some can be real bt other just want sex from us...
*ms+nkhahle+mamsia* · 11 years ago
I asurely encourage the youth to follow the awesome foot steps of you and to the others who have done well to their studying so that they can have a better future...thank you
10Aaaa.*JIMPSTER*.BB1975*DJ* · 11 years ago