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I just want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who takes the time to read my stories and relate to the experiences. And also thank you FunDza literacy trust and a big fat thank you to my previous mentors and not to forget Janita. Thanks
Thabiso Tshowa · a week ago
Thanks Mellow Dee. You're one of a kind😊. I appreciate you a lot🤞
Thabiso Tshowa · 2 weeks ago
😄 yea I picked that up from your screen name. Thanks bitso
Thabiso Tshowa · 2 weeks ago
Wow good work indeed keep it up👌from today u got yourself a new fan and not just a fan but a BIG FAN👊which is me😜
Mellow Dee · 2 weeks ago
Thanks A Million Thabiso...My name is Also "Thabiso "😁🏆
Joybringer · 2 weeks ago