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Wow Sisipho Madolo wow the story B4U is a big wow ,y really out done urself wow .Ama out of words
Olwakhe Tembe · 2 months ago
Srry 4 ur loss n congratulations atleast u made it 2 college 👏👏👏👏,Luv ur stories ur an awesome writer
Olwakhe Tembe · 3 months ago
@Sgcino Ntanzi you are right about that, the stories are absolutely amazing ♥️
Alice Dube · 5 months ago
Where is the good wife part 4?cz here there's part 1,2,3, and 5
Emihle Maqoqa · 7 months ago
Waiting for the good wife part 4 plz
Florence Ingwani · 7 months ago
Mfoka Madolo continue with amazing drama plz
Sgcino Ntanzi · 8 months ago
Writer when are you releasing the good wife part 4
Lilly Mbuli · 8 months ago
Bravo 👏 👏 👏
Queen lender K1 visa · 8 months ago
This is good 👍👏👌keep on writing ✍👏
Khensani-the-bomb · 2 years ago
Wish u luck gal and continue your biggest goal don't give up..... like u
Shibambu · 2 years ago