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Well, quick question: Are you a guy or girl As your biggest fan, i really need to know
Shayleen · 3 weeks ago
I'm still waiting for he gave up's sequel
Matthew Ortell M.K.O · 2 months ago
Ur stories are super awesome
M.K.O · 4 months ago
U speak from perspective 😊☺
Lenny_lexxy · 11 months ago
I love your work! Its awesome
Sasha Sangala · 4 years ago
Your stories are very inspiring and we can learn more about them soon my book will be out and I want to make loads of them like you
thandi · 5 years ago
Thank you, Simbu.
Nhlakanipho Mtshali · 5 years ago
I have to say, you are very gifted child.
Simbu · 5 years ago
I'll sleep on that idea. Once more, thanks for reading my work Yonela N.
Nhlakanipho Mtshali · 5 years ago
Nhlakanipho, "It Happened", I enjoyed your story, I really did and that resulted me into wishing that it could be continued.
Yonela N · 5 years ago