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Damn ,u are a good writer 👏👌✍
Khensani-the-bomb · a week ago
Love you! Keep the good work love.
Kay Cocoa · 4 months ago
u love lovely and give us lovely story carry on darling 💖
ndlovur · 5 months ago
Far from home is one of my favorite books can you please write part 2 coz there's a lot you can write in part 2
Sexy S · 5 months ago
Hey sis lungile can you please continue with your story Far from Home ❤️
Mazomba❤️ · 5 months ago
Hy Lungile can you plz put far from home part 2
Starfalls · 5 months ago
Great work lungile I love ur book far from home
olebomatt05@gmail.com · 5 months ago
You are phenomenal
Palesa mokgothu · 11 months ago
Love ur stories ❤️
Clichè · 11 months ago
Love new story
cindy-lee07 · 11 months ago