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WOW Kat u r great
G~Brendan · a week ago
Are you guys interested in a Dimension series spin-off with Noobie investigating weird occurrences around Bettisonville, kinda like a neo-noir X-Files or Supernatural?
Katlego Motloung · 3 weeks ago
Thanks a million 😅😅 I'm a nerd and a die hard horror fan. I go from watching Star Wars, Dunes, Star Trek, even anime to reading thee most horrifying book by Stephen King. I'm addicted. I love you for giving my art your time thank you. 😌♥️♥️♥️
Katlego Motloung · 4 weeks ago
I love ur stories, they so sciency and horror at the same time, just mi kind
Foully wooing won · a month ago
Ethereal Dimension is submitted into editing and Souls Intertwined II is in development and will be the first of all the sequels I planned 😁 Thank you for reading and all the uplifting comments you guys are the real gems here. 😘✨✨
Katlego Motloung · 2 months ago