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Gee thnxx❤️❤️ I appreciate it
esii✨ · a month ago
Hey Esihle ,Babes I don't wanna lie Your poems Are super Fabulous I really afore all Of the ,you are so Talented babes and Plz Carry On Sharing More Of them
Zinhle Mlotshwa · 3 months ago
Aww🥺❤️ Thnx T
Babybooo!!! · 6 months ago
Girl I love your work,its brilliant,I love your use of words,and your poems just find a way to worm into your heart💖 Bravo dear👏 Bravo 🌹Always know that we've got your back💌❣️
Tsheppy69 · 6 months ago
Thnx gyz 💖💖 i appreciate yll😘
esihle · 7 months ago