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Sandiso · 12 years ago
C punshment z neccesari wethr coporal o nt irespective of d constitution.curently in our own skulz(blckx) misbehaviour z uncntrolble due2 d fct dat defendentz/ofenders r rightfuly compromisd by d law..breaf bwt coporal punshment in general: t ws dne by apartheid gov.2displine chldren at xul,yez ws usd wrngful then bt t ws gud2mould a kid.
Athi · 13 years ago
if you compare the children of today and those of the past,there is a very big gap in terms of discipline. Back then children knew what would happen if they misbehaved,but now children demand their right,but they neglect the responsibilities....so i believe somehow corporal punishment had a huge impact in making our mothers,father,aunts,uncles,brothers and sister what they are today. therefore i wish it could be use again to put sense in some stubborn students
RADAR · 13 years ago
Corporal punishment it is not right for the student because it doesn't discipline and doesn't help at either sides.but what it does it makes you want to do more because you no for sure that you will be beaten up that's all and that what make youngsters drop out of school because they feel insecure and they will never enjoy their moments at school because they know one move they take they be will beaten up so they are holding their blood up they are not free
Telisa · 13 years ago
i'm sure it used to work back then but now it does nothing but makes things worse. school kids would do whatever they feel like doing knowing that they will be beaten and that's where it would end.it just doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
babalwa · 13 years ago
yeah corporal punishment should be used because nowadays the schooling system has turned into some kind of circus running show.
odz · 13 years ago
it is extremely against the rule because physical punishment is never a good solution in anything
siyabulela · 13 years ago
Looking back at the olden times, I still think corporal punishment should be used still. I am one of the students who experienced it. Every leaner was disciplined and you'd never find leaners bringing alcohol and cigarettes at school. Today leaners are not desciplined and they end up dropping out of school because they fail all the time. Parents are sending their kids to school knowing that they will be desciplined but that never happens. this is just the way I feel no offence!
skura · 13 years ago
Corporal punishment should be abolished at school because it is illegal and it makes students to be scared of going to school.
asi…@asi · 13 years ago