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Hi there, you don't need a course code to do an open course. You can send your poem to writing@fundza.co.za.
Team FunDza · 7 days ago
How do i get a course code and how do i write my own poem also here on Fundza ?
Nondurh2 · a week ago
Hulle moet Afrkanse goed sit ook
Muisie · a week ago
How do I write my own stories and poems
Muisie · a week ago
How do I get a course code❤
SiveR · a month ago
Heyyy Team FunDza 🙃 I really enjoy reading the Books, stories and poems they're really inspiring though.
Kxeen dré · a month ago
hi Ayo, you can send in your stories and jokes - but they must be yours, not copied from elsewhere. Send them to writing@fundza.co.za
Team FunDza · a month ago
please fundza.mobi how can i publish/post a story/jokes and can i make a joke
Ayo_ola_boy · a month ago
How do I register a book I wrote where everyone can realise it😊😗😗😂
Marrinette Dupain Chan · 2 months ago
Hi Sneziey - you don't need a course code to read, this is only necessary if you are doing a special course. There are many open online courses available that do not require course codes. And, if you submit a book for publication on fundza.mobi, you get this service provided free of charge. Remember - that we can accept stories that are longer than 10,000 words.
Mignon · 2 months ago