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Hi Tawo. We don't publish print books... we only publish stories, essays, poetry, etc, on the fundza.mobi site.
Mignon · a month ago
I have a book I love to send to Fundza for publication. Should it already have an ISBN or you'll provide for that?
Tawo Mosia · a month ago
I just wanna find out how I can delete my account ?
alwaysbored21 · a month ago
Love poem (1) Love is like game I Feel like,I can fly or Cry or died the day I touch you,I feel like I'm in Hollywood,you Put me in heaven love Is blind all the time I Feel like I can touch it But I can't
Resten b · 2 months ago
Hi Motso. We publish stories on this site. You can send yours, but it needs to be in one of the 11 South African official languages and less than 10000 words.
FunDza Team · 2 months ago
I need a publisher for my story
Motso wa kg · 2 months ago
I. Need a publisher for my story
Motso wa kg · 2 months ago
nice and massive
Kasong · 2 months ago
Hi there, you can email your poem to us at writing@fundza.co.za.
Team FunDza · 3 months ago
Hie am Paul Square from Malawi..The page is massive and i like it but, how can i publish my poem??? Please respond to this email:paulsquare65@gmail.com..
Potetsi · 3 months ago