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Hello Kgothatso Please send your information to Zilungile@fundza.co.za as soon as possible
Team FunDza · 3 months ago
I was selected as a winner for the All about writing course so I want to know on how to send my details?
Hunadi · 3 months ago
If I want to do a private course which protocol I must follow ? like now I want to do it but the main point is this : I don't have Course Code
Mzalphios · 3 months ago
How can I publish a book on fundzda
Åññèkåñ · 3 months ago
Hello there You don't write your work on the website if you want to see your writing published please send your writing at writing@fundza.co.za
FunDza Team · 4 months ago
How do I write my work on this website
Thabi viyesa ntamo · 4 months ago
Yes, we send these via email so it doesn't matter where you are so long as you have a valid email address to receive it.
Mignon · 4 months ago
How Can I Recieve My Certificates,becouse Am In Zambia.
King Souljah · 4 months ago
Unfortunately, you have to be online in order to read our stories...
Mignon · 5 months ago
How can I read this book offline on my fone
Bevvy33 · 5 months ago