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Summer a beautiful season of the greatest moments Where the sun lingers in the clouds Like a shooting star chasing away the black clouds awating for the rain to fall SUMMER!!! A season of minnies and shorties beautiful legs and beautiful smiles Its my summer its your summer let it shine through... Its a season of love joy and fun feel the heat and let the ride begin.8-)
NtombyMankanku · 9 years ago
Warm air warm fair lve is swt summer is heat summer wnt turn u in a stone neither make u lyk a bone. Summer is cool summer can fool bt wat is summer without some feul
Raya · 9 years ago
Summer — we all have seen — A few of us — believed — A few — the more aspiring Unquestionably loved — But Summer does not care — She goes her spacious way As eligible as the moon To our Temerity — The Doom to be adored — The Affluence conferred — Unknown as to an Ecstasy The Embryo endowed —
Nyiko · 9 years ago
i really luv ur stories. . .kyp it up guys. . !
Marvin · 9 years ago
Summer won't turn you into a runner.Rather you will become astonished,having to wake up with the sun in your eyes looking stylish.Summer fever makes you more clever than before.The sun keeps asking for more.The roads keeps asking for tours.You keep knocking on the door.Who responds?summer folds
chapman · 9 years ago
chaptr Eish!! My fathr lost hz foot on a saw rig. The balance wheel, broke and cut nd ct hz foot off. Whn he lost hz foot, he wz very angry bcoz he could nt wrk 4 a lng tyme.
Nhlanhla · 9 years ago
Joy in my eyes Happynes in my viens Hottnes in my heart Let summer begin...
Kutlwano · 9 years ago
Oh ho
Mr swegger · 9 years ago
Me nd Ma 4rnd
Nhlaka · 9 years ago
I wanna write a poem
Mad Max · 9 years ago