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What do u say guys are u in or .....
Devana · 2 months ago
Guys pliz give your whatsapp numbers so tht we can form a fundza fan whatsapp group
Devana · 2 months ago
Cool move @Devana. It only takes courage and self worth to do such. #notogbv
Slie Kattz · 2 months ago
Let's fight gender based violence
terminater · 2 months ago
Yes, together we can end gender based violence against women and girls.
IvanMuhoko · 2 months ago
Young ladies rise and fix your crowns
Prudy8 · 2 months ago
Lets all be strong.Guys i was sexually abused it took me 5 years to tell my mom tht.But finally i did
Devana · 2 months ago
We should stand up for our self
Precious mpho · 2 months ago
Lol I agree with Gemini
Zaza46 · 2 months ago
As long as there are males in the world, GBV will never end.
Gemini88 · 2 months ago