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Interesting ,I will read them all
Canyie23 · 4 weeks ago
Nakia · 4 weeks ago
I utterly enjoy the trueness,explanations and very interesting life events.i enjoy reading and these are fantastic stories .
Melissa1 · 4 weeks ago
Nakia · a month ago
Very interesting
Pfarelonet · a month ago
Very interesting....addresses a lot of social issues experienced by many young people every day.great and educational.
Naira27 · a month ago
Interesting story indeed i would love to read more.
Zugar · a month ago
I am interested I love to read again
Dangers · a month ago
Interesting heading would love to read the stories
Makheswa · a month ago
Very interesting, I want to learn more
Ntomboxolo@21 · a month ago