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The questions come from within the women and kids facing the pain of being raped an brutally killed , without having a say in their lives.lets stop gender based violence.. however agree with me like this. Or repost this post and write inspired by laboa
Kmavuso · 11 months ago
No means No!... Beating me won't change anything, killing me won't change anything. What have we done to deserve such treatment?
Booklet · 11 months ago
Honestly I still haven't found the reason for the cruelty men ate doing to us women.is it because we look like dolls or plaything to them??? It's so emotional draining to even think about it .men were supposed to protect us but all they do is take advantage of us.I pray They change their ways because we can't live in fear in our own world. 😐😐😐😐😐
Dimakatso200 · 11 months ago
Rapes and killings of woman and girls its not fair. Now I fear for myself and my mom's cause I don't what's gonna happen when she's going to work and when I'm going to school. Please Men stop the violence you have on women.
Rickie_Monaj · 11 months ago
My friend has been there
Nomzamo angle · 11 months ago