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I remember I thought I found the love of my life,but I lied,lied to myself,she went away,away from me. I remember crying crying no one hears me,crying for my loved one,when she leaves me. I remember ask why me,why me God?but only God knows why. I remember crying for love ,love that doesn't exist,but all I know by losing someone you love is not the end of the world.
Siyabulela · 9 years ago
I remember,i remember when i lost my mind.life wasnt the same witout you.i remember when it all came crushing.i remember the sweet pain i felt.i remember life was so ironic.i remember it took pain to apreciate happiness..i remember yes i do...i remember it was just a dream
swt+lvff00ff · 9 years ago
I remember my first day at school in grade 8.:-P.i remember speech tht we ricieved from principal
Nthabi.com · 9 years ago
I remember de day i froze 4 more dan 30min nd thought de world was ova 4 me. I remember de day that predicted 2dy. I remember de day (5 November 2009) ,de day dat took mi belovd grandma. I stil remember's de day n cry a little cs its de day dat turne me 2 wat i'm 2dy .may her soul RIP.
078MAFA624 · 9 years ago
I rember the day when i saw a man on tv sayin that the world has came 2 an end tjo i was so scared
_-)*2222ffSBUff0000CARDO*-)_*3333FFPRO+KID · 9 years ago