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Ever since i read fundza book it makes me more intrestng in reading.fundza has the best books to read.it learned me what i wanted to know.when i started reading fundza my vocabolary of reading becomes stronger then ever.by this time fundza books is a refrechment of my vacabolary and mind.so fundza guys u rock.U R THE BEST
BRAINE · 11 years ago
Whisper sweet wordz,whisper lyk da windz,whisper lyk music,whisper lyk dust,whisper lyk rain,and fall lyk tearz ,bi gomma
Gee squared · 11 years ago
hi all mi nym is gomma,mi dremze 1nce trned 2 gold nw 2 dust,nw im broken
Gee squared · 11 years ago
Ever since i started reading fundza books,before i read them i always headed for a wrong direction,but when i started reading some books i kept asking maself the bad things i wanted to do "are they really worth my time"u rock guys much love......mwaaaagxxxx
Mandy zizpop · 11 years ago
The other day when 3 women came to our school to tell us a bit about their books i was confused. When Ros i think it, read the first chapter of broken promises i was entranced really. They told us we could read the rest of the book on mxit and that very afternoon, instead of studing for my life sciences test i was on mxit reading this book. It took me two days with mxit being delayed and me having to study but i couldn't stop. After every chapter i had a hunger to find out what happened with mzi and zinzi and zakes and the rest of the characters. I find the book has a real story behind the words. The book speaks to everyone in a different manner but speaks to us all non the less. I'v read most of the fiction short stories and it has inspired me to see people differently and not to judge but also to be cautious. I'm a bookworm i love reading and writing poems. I look foward to reading the other books
Bernadette Richards · 11 years ago