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I luv u bbe-bcoz o4 u myk mi fel lyk im d person who lv in d wrld alne i lav u coz u kis mi lyk...bbe i lav u(x)
Phila · 12 years ago
The Day I met Your Glorious face My heart was an empty place but All that changed the day I met your glorious face I must admit that at first glance I knew you were one of a kind Now I know your word Must continuously renew my mind! Loving you now is as Natural as my breathing air— The fiber of my heart tingles when you are around The beating of my heart is a familiar sound and The place you stand is holy ground You bring pleasure to my life You destroy the stones in my past and Cast a mirror of joy in my soul— When you talk Then I can walk through life— Your story is my story and The glory of our love will be endless My heart was an empty place but All that changed the day I met your glorious face Mark Frank Copyright 2012
Mark frank · 12 years ago
Wt could i do witowt u? you r my life, u bring me happines n light, u make me smile, even wen u lie. Just the simple thought of u means everything, to my life u bring meaning ur da best thing. I know u wil always be mine despite matter n time. You hav always been there for me during hard times u pulled me through, what could i do witowt u? I thank god everyday that i hav u, coz to me u hav always been true. There has neva been a tear in my eye, coz u hav neva made me cry, i wil love u until i die, but even then ul stl b on my mind. Of all good fortunes, u are the best, nw that iv got u i dnt need the rest. My hart is yours n my soul too, i dunno wt id do witowt u... Dedicated to the love of my life, Salvador Manuel, love u so much tyga, mwah.
Lizwi dube · 12 years ago
The Phases of Love Phase 1 Impulsively, I jump a cliff and await the kiss of the Ocean, My ripples, quiver and then combine to climax in a wavy explosion, I gaze to the heavens and marvel at the grandeur of the African Sun, I have found you, my Love and I am now in Phase 1. Oh, how truer are these brights, That colour this decomposing, shanty town? How torturous are the poorly lit nights, While I wait graced to be by your sound? The heavens are not as far as they appear, And the world reads as if written as a poem, With you, all trepidation and uncertainty disappears, In your arms, I have found my welcoming home. Phase 2 Even the novelty of spontaneity seems to fade, We tend to fill our speech voids with meaningless bouts, We have stopped to rest in the shade, Motioning through life’s tedious route. Many seem to everlastingly exist in this phase, Living life in the belt of the extremes, Unable to differentiate the days, This is a burial ground for suppressed dreams. Phase 3 As if awoken by a cold whisper of the Atlantic, I realise how sharp the surrounding rocks, The humidity of the sun seems volcanic, How same are these township blocks? Shall we venture from this forsaken place? To find a newer land, I need to rid myself of this bland taste, And at this moment you take my hand. And then you offer me my unemployed spectacles, I don them, realising that time has my had my vision blurred, The world seems again, lined with treacle, I am back in Phase One, when you say those three words.
theesan vedan · 12 years ago
They say this is love season the season that takes out our hearts the a higher place than the earth the season that brings happiness in our life to shine brighter than a star to collect and give love show courage than hate and shy
Thamsanqa · 12 years ago