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I love this poems
1909026 · 5 years ago
Poems mean sumthng 2 us,expetially dis dae
Mologadi · 12 years ago
Once you fal inlove for wrong reasons evrythng wil b always went wrng 4u n hurted
Tumelo · 12 years ago
Do lv u but u now acant do you remember thdt we made promise together that would never visit you any tilly we get married
Samkelisiwe · 12 years ago
4 lke dem 2:@3(c)
Ayabulela · 12 years ago
*i lo0ve the poems they mean a lot
*zino* · 12 years ago
Once people told me love is true, i didn't believe it till i found you, now that you gone, i'm going crazy, i wish you would here and tell me. 'i love you'
Lindani Lucky Thango · 12 years ago
Ow wat a wndrful poemz dy rili gvng me mch power of lv nd honest kp t up buddiez u dsv d bst.sisonke nketho
Sisonke nketho · 12 years ago
wow how impressive im so impressed just love the poem
tiny · 12 years ago