The morning rised up with wonder but not for Zanele,her mother was getting sick and sick by day ,this made Zanele blame herself for her mother’s illness,if she just accepted her as being nolbabalo’s wife (more like slave) the problem of her mother dying without grandchildren wouldn’t be a problem


Zanele: Mama ndyavuya ukuba ukahle (mom I’m happy that you’re alright)

Nontombi:ya,mntanam ndisaphila kodwa ndsa linde abazukulu(yes my child I’m still fine but I’m waiting for grand kids)


This was Zanele’s unfavorite conversation so she took buckets and went to fetch water avoiding her mother’s weird questions of course.

Zanele always loved how quiet the outside was, all her problems would just vanish but not the scar in her heart that was left by her father didn’t bother vanishing and everytime she would ask her mother about her father, nontombi would become very angry about her asking her father’s whereabouts,all her mother ever said about her father is that he was evil not explaining if he’s alive or not.