{It’s a Saturday morning and Mia is sleeping}

Kim: [to herself] that thing is not yet up. oh no she didn’t, I’m not going to clean this big house alone she is going to see what I’ll do to her.

{Ben walk’s in to the kitchen where Kim wås}

Ben: [ kissing Kim on the neck] morning love how did you sleep?

Kim: I slept like a baby…. Ben my love you know it’s so hard for me to clean the house cause I’m pregnant and that Mia of yours is not helping me out [wanting to cry ]

Ben: oh bbe I’ll clean don’t worry your self it’s just that me and Mia ain’t in good books for now but I promise I’ll fix that [ then he gets out of the kitchen]

Kim: mxm no way I’m going to that stupid gal she’s going to see what I’m made off nxa she thinks she’s going to win well she’s wrong this is my house now