Her father stopped her. He said: “My daughter do you want to become a murderer like him, do you?”
“Dad,” said Zanele crying like a baby. Zanele then pulled the trigger, the bullet went straight to Mr Mbili’s heart. His men quickly ran to him. Zanele and her dad ran away. They went straight to the police station and told them everything from the start. They gave them the warehouse address. Mr Mbili’s men were arrested and he was declared dead at the scene. Zanele and her dad went home and talked for hours.
The next day, her father told her that they were going to the village to visit her grandmother. Zanele was over the moon. They packed their bags and drove away from their house and went straight to the village. When they arrived everyone at their yard was looking at them. Mr Mbhele’s mother rushed to them and said, “Is this my granddaughter? Where were you all these years, my boy?”
“Well Ma, it’s a long story but then it feels nice to be back home.” Zanele was introduced to the ancestors and all the family members. Since that day Zanele learned to make friends and be with others. They were a very happy family at the end. Life went on.