Mr Mbili also left the house and went to the grave yard to visit Anele. He arrived there and said: “Your stupid daughter is getting on my nerves now. I thought that killing you would be better but she’s more annoying than you were, and your husband is also asking for her every time I go to him. You should tell them to leave me alone. Visit them in their dreams; after all I heard that dead people are very powerful. Okay you do that I’ll leave now.” He then headed back home.

Zanele opened the kitchen door slowly and quiet but was caught by her dad. Her dad asked, “What are you doing here so early?”

“Well dad I got in a fight with one of the kids and I was suspended,”said Zanele.

“What! Go to your room before I slap you.”

Zanele quickly rushed to her room and looked outside, through the window. She saw her dad leaving the house and followed him. She took the taxi. Mr Mbili got out of the car and went straight to the warehouse. Zanele followed him , but she couldn’t get in since there were security guards in the gate. She went back home, took some money and headed to the shops to buy security uniforms and a fake gun.