Mr Mbili left the room and told his men to look after Sanele. He drove home and found Zanele downstairs looking at their photo album. He went towards her and said, “my dear are you missing your mom today?”

“Yes dad, so much “Zanele said. “Dad why is it that there are no pictures of you and mom on your wedding day?”

“Because dear we were not rich then we could not afford a camera man that is the reason dear,” he said. 

“Ok dad, I understand”. It was time for them to go to sleep but his dad insisted on staying up, claiming he had work to do. After Zanele left he picked up the phone and called one of his man. “Linda I want you to make fake photo of my wedding with that idiot Anele. You see that daughter of hers is starting to annoy. She’s asking too many questions you see before she comes do as I say.”

“Yes boss I will do as you say,” said Linda. Mr Mbili also went to bed.

It was Monday morning and Zanele was getting ready for school. Mr Mbili was also getting ready for work (his dirty work). Zanele went downstairs and greeted her dad but he didn’t reply. Zanele then said shouting,”Dad! I’m talking to you.”

“What! Zanele, why are you so annoying can’t you see that I’m going to work so that I can feed you, can’t you see,”he said shouting.

“You know what dad let’s just leave it like that.” She turned to the kitchen door and left. 

Her dad said, “Why aren’t you appreciating my years of hard work, you spoiled brat.”