She talked to her mom and later decided to go back home. When she arrived home she saw her father talking to a strange man, but decided to ignore them. She walked towards her room; before she could even reach her room her dad called her. “Zanele where are you coming from?” 

“Well dad I just went to visit mom and you know dad something strange happened there,”she said.

“What happened dear?”asked Mr Mbili.

“Wel-” Mr Mbili’s phone rang.”Uhm, wait dear I will talk to you later my phone is ringing.”

“Okay dad, let me go to take some rest.” She then went to her room to rest but she couldn’t rest; she was thinking about what happened at the grave yard.

Mr Mbili left the house. He went to an old, dirty warehouse where all of his dirty secrets were hidden. He got inside and ordered his men around. He went to one of the rooms where there is a man that they kidnapped 16 years ago. The man’s name was Sanele Mbhele a business man that went missing 16 years ago. He went close to him and said to him: “Your daughter has grown up to a very beautiful woman just like her mom. I mean she is very annoying, she likes attention and I’m tired of always giving it to her you see. I feel like killing her but then I can’t until she tursn 18 for her to get your wealth, which will also be mine. Anyways I have given you too much information you can rest now,bye.”