Thabo arrived at the room, Jay was out.His obsession was opening the wardrobe. He didn’t waste any time.”Ohhhh my God!! What Am I seeing!”said Thabo.The wardrobe was covered in blue and brown, the money was floating everywhere.Thabo touched it,smelled it, kissed it then after he said:”I AM RICH”.
Thabo collected all the money into a large black bag.At the bottom of the wardrobe there were Amagundane(The rats)staring at Thabo as if they wanted him to command. Amagundane were dark black in colour,same size and the fur was so fresh and rich.Thabo counted Amagundane,there were 23 of them.He picked up Amagundane and wrote a note to Jay saying:
Bra.Thank you for everything,I’m moving out.School has done nothing but to waste my time, i regret the day i registered. Now I’ll be living the life that was meant for me.

Thabo dropped out on his final year at school. He told his mother that he found a decent job. A month later he sent his mother four million to build a house in the village while he bought his own mansion in Gauteng.The mansion was bigger than a public college.”Congratulations sir,here are your car keys,”said the manager of Lamborghini Aventador to Thabo.He would upgrade to any new model of a car. Thabo had almost 42 luxury cars in his garage. All of the girls he used to have crush on at school,he was now tired of them,he even blocked their contacts.Thabo slaughtered 5 sheep per month,the sacrificial was not that hard to make for Thabo.A magundane were always resting at their private room where no one never entered except Thabo.He never allowed any of his family members to visit him in Gauteng,he would rather book them a hotel instead.
After 15 years in his wealth Thabo’s mother passed away .He was so sad knowing that he did everything for her.He spent the whole week at the village preparing for the funeral.Amagundane were left alone and also thirsty for blood,Thabo was so heartbroken to the point where he forgot about Amagundane.Everyone in the village knew that Thabo is a Multi millionaire including neighbouring villages but they didn’t know where he get the money from.Thabo would tease some of his high school friends saying they earned peanuts.Jay heard about Thabo’s loss and went to his mansion for condolences. He didn’t know that Thabo went to the village.
“Hello!Thabo are you here!?”said Jay inside Thabo’s mansion.Tswii tswii tswii!Tswii tswii tswii!.Jay turned around and found a large number of Amagundane(The rats)bigger than the ones of Alexander in Johannesburg attacking him. Jay tried to fight himself out but there were too many rats with magical powers on him.Amagundane ate Jay alive and left nothing but bones after they went back to their private room.After the burial Thabo took another week at the village. He was tired of his wealth and he wanted to spend more time with his sisters. Amagundane were thirsty but no one could feed them.One night at the village when everyone was asleep Amagundane(The rats)invaded into Thabo’s sister’s rooms,they ate all Thabo’s three older sisters flesh.Thabo heard the noises far from his bedroom but when he showed up to rescue Amagundane were long done and gone.Thabo found only bones left,he couldn’t even identify any of his sisters.Thabo was left in tears,the night was hell for him.He regretted the moment he dialed Dr.Ngemas contact.All of his efforts were for nothing.Nothing was left for Thabo he mixed the Everclear alcohol with a Poison and he said”BEING RICH IS NOTHING”after he drank it.It took only 2 minutes and Thabo was already out of his breath.He died on top of his sisters’ skeletons. Amagundane returned to Dr.Ngema and he put them where they belong for another customer!