Sandile started lifting her skirt again and Nosipho was terrified..

” No Sandile …just no.” said Esther trying to get up..

” You give me what I want hawu otherwise you know what I’m going to do!!” yelled Sandile now pulling her

” I feel like we going too fast; but we did not even get to know each other..” said Esther in tears …Sandile looked angry then he raped her this time without her consent…She came back home and went straight to bed…

The next day she decided to call Sandile but voicemail..messaged him but he blueticked her..At school she saw Sandile charming another girl..Esther stared angrily and kept quiet..Afterschool Esther saw Sandile walking..She pulled him from behind .

” What’s wrong with you ? ” Esther said sadly

” What?” Sandile said not bothered

” Is this how it has become?!!..of us? .” said Esther angrily and smacked him..

” Chill..ok?..It’s over….and there was never an us..” said Sandile and left.. Esther felt like crying…

How do you describe Sandile?