The next day Esther saw her mother wasnt there..She then got a call from Sandile..

” When we gonna see each other again?..” asked Sandile..

” You full of jokes…” said Esther laughing

” Who you with?” asked Sandile in a serious tone..

” I’m alone…you should come….I would love some company…I feel so lonely and I hate it..” said Nosipho..

” Coming right up!!..” Sandile said

” I said yes already ; alright my address I’ll send you…” said Esther..

Esther sent her address to Sandile and he came and tried to lift her skirt again and get her in bed..Esther looked at him and allowed him to do what he did to her..

What do you think of Esther’s character?..and do you think Sandile is using her for his desire?