Brent and his girlfriend Kate planned to have sex that night. When she and another woman walked inside the hotel room without knocking, Brent quickly covered his naked body; he pressed the silk pillow on his midsection, and the big smile he had prepared to greet Kate with dissolved. “What…what’s going on here?” He asked, gulped, fumbled with the bedsheets to hide his body entirely, then he looked up at the other girl. 

“Relax, baby,” Kate said with a pure smile, held her friend by hand. “This here is my friend Gabby. She’d really hate to be alone for the night so I thought it would be a little fun…if she joined us. Try something new,” said Kate. She and her friend Gabby giggled. 

Brent himself giggled but it was all nervous. He sweat a little. He glanced up at the other girl and saw that she too looked a bit eager, even dressed in a similar mini dress that Kate wore. Yes, he did suggest that both he and Kate should try other things in order to make their sex-life as exciting as it used to be back when they were a young couple. But in all honesty, he had never thought that a threesome is what she would opt for; let alone see it as an option. They were a pair that trusted each other, the idea of sharing their time in bed with another woman – a woman Brent knew nothing about – seemed to be absurd. Isn’t it cheating? 

Brent watched them both as they took off their clothing. When all was on the floor, Brent found his erection; the pillow could be lifted without his hands. Kate and Gabby climbed on the bed to join him. 

The touch of two naked women sparked up his own body, like an electric shock traveling through his spine and bones. They kissed him on each cheek, and Brent just couldn’t control himself now. 

He served them in whatever styles they desired. Gabby was more of the fierce, bossy type because for her turn, Brent only needed to lie on his back while she climbed on top and did most of the work. Different styles and positions, the pleasure took hours. They all worked well together and the satisfaction was unbelievably equal. Brent dozed off and slept between the two sweaty women. 

When he woke up the next day, he found he was alone on the bed. That’s when he remembered about the condom in his jeans which he had forgotten. Perhaps Kate’s unexpected arrival with her friend is what erased the memory. Was that Kate’s friend? He knew most of her friends, though it was actually his first time seeing that one. Gabby. 

He found a note on the side of the bed written and left by Kate: “me & Gabz got an early morning had 2 leave. Bye, good morning. See u later XOXO.” 

Weeks later Kate found out that she’s pregnant. Brent was about to have his first child, an heir, so the couple celebrated. Days later they had an unexpected visitor: Gabby. She walked in with her baby bump. Brent and Kate congratulated her, but she looked sad and worried. “What’s wrong?” Kate asked. Both their bellies were big in the same size. 

Gabby looked at Brent and rubbed her tummy. “It’s yours,” she said. 

“What?” He choked a bit. 

Then Gabby explained to them that she hasn’t slept with anyone since the threesome. 

“That means you were already pregnant before we…you know,” said Brent, emphasised with a circulating finger that pointed at the three of them. 

“No, I wasn’t,” Gabby said. “I’m six weeks pregnant.”

And Kate was also six weeks pregnant. Brent took the two women to different hospitals for testing, all tests revealed that he’s the father of both the unborn babies. 99.9%