Noah warned everyone about God’s anger to the world, boding the pending punishment. Some said the bible legend will not happen again. Some didn’t even believe it had happened – the Atheists and the non-Christians – while some sneered at him. 

“Just because your name is also Noah and you happen to be this Christ devoted dude who’d suck Jesus’ dick when he sees it, you under the impression that…God finna wipe us all off. Same shit Noah bible said?” They’d say. 

“Yes, that’s right. I had a vision, I saw the dream. Listen,” Noah would try to make them understand but they’d walk away laughing, others shaking heads, others calling him crazy, others curious enough to wait and listen but when he was done speaking, he’d gather the message left in their faces: you’re nuts. 

He stood in malls, announcing the upcoming terror if ever people don’t veer from the evil and the sin they lived under, that their lives may be spared if they surrender themselves unto the Lord. The witness people had some shopping to do. Nobody would listen to this.

Noah’s cry and pleading provided entertainment for some who only saw him a crazy homeless man preaching impossibilities. Homeless because he looked it; wore clothes of three weeks back. God’s message had frightened him from normal living. Frightened him more to learn that – through all his efforts to deliver His word – it was God’s message only to him. 

The security of the mall chased him out of the premises for causing public indecency; screaming and trying to get the shoppers to listen to him. Radio denied him the chance to spread the Lord’s word. 

He returned home sweating, throat dried from all the talking. He took a shower and began working on a supplement material roofing of iron of six layers, just as God had instructed him to. 

Twenty one days later he was done. Those who had seen him work – neighbours and the blockmates alike – became convinced that indeed Noah Helm has lost his head. 

But they lost theirs because the heaviest rocks began falling from the sky unannounced. The rocks fell on everything, only bounced on Noah’s new roof of which under it stood he, his wife Constance and two daughters. Hearing the thud of the raining rocks above, hearing the screaming outside, seeing the bloody mess through his window, Noah began to cry, thinking about his friends and other family members who refused to lend him an ear; only did that to think him silly and stupid. Any other form of roofing or overhead cover got torn through by this hard torrent. The sky was cloudless blue and the huge rocks poured on the world.