Sarah Jessica Parker was born on a Sunday, April 4th. The family celebrated her arrival and a day later, something weird happened. Monday 15th, Sarah was crawling on the mat and had gotten bigger. Mindy, the mother, fainted, while the father had exclaimed: “miracle!” 

The next day, Sarah was taking her first steps, babbling her first words and that’s when her parents took her to the hospital. Dr. Naidoo, the brown skinned Indian doctor who was in the ward when Sarah was born greeted the parents. “Mr and Mrs. Parker. It’s so nice to see you again. How are you? How’s the baby?” 

“The baby…is fine, I guess,” said Jacob the father. 

Dr. Naidoo looked down at the little girl they came with who looked like she was two. “Hey, who is this?” She asked, bent at the little girl and smiled at her. 

“This is…the baby,” said Mindy. “This is…Sarah.”

Dr. Naidoo paused, looked at the two parents, “what?” 

The parents nodded in unison, Mindy looked like she was about to faint again. 

None of the doctors in the hospital could give logical, medical explanations to this. Multiple tests were performed on Sarah Jessica Parker but the results didn’t provide any clarity. 

Six days after her day of being born, Sarah could run around the house and make noises like normal six year olds. Her parents took her to different traditional healers and priests; none of them could decipher this abnormality. Soon, due to word of mouth and her birth certificate, Sarah became headline news in media outlets: “MEET THE GIRL WHO YEAE-AGES BY A DAY!” the front page of one newspaper, showing her pictures of two days and before. The gate of her home was filled with paparazzi, journalist and news reporters, mingled with people who all wanted to get a look at the miracle girl. Mindy and Jacob gave no comments and threatened to sue. 

A Hollywood agent flew over to meet the Parker family. He negotiated with them for a segment to be shot for television. The parents disagreed at first, but when the agent, Austine Cleeve, showed them the estimate amount they could make if this segment project hits the numbers they expect it to hit, Mindy and Jacob signed the contract. Filming began.  

A special episode of Ripley’s believe it or not was released, showing interviews of different doctors (including Naidoo), Sarah herself who was eighteen by then, her family, as well as the narrative and explanation of Sarah’s unprecedented condition, all the efforts to establish a cause. A video showing Sarah asleep and getting older: her features growing as the midnight clock ticks by, literally growing older – especially when the video is fast forwarded – was included in the episode and that video alone trended. It was a two sided reception– some believed, some said it’s fake. 

After the success of the episode, the family purchased a new home in the hills, a private area away from the prying people. 

The father, Jacob bought cars and quit his job. Her mom, Mindy, bought designer outfits and bought all the stuff they wished they owned. When they asked Sarah what does she want she said she wanted to be normal like other girls. 

One morning, she woke up to her mom’s phone poked near her yawning face. “Happy birthday!” Mindy and Jacob yelled and hugged her. It was May 5, Sarah was now twenty six, same age as her mother. “Don’t we look like sisters?” Mindy said, held her daughter close. The phone was now held by Jacob, and Sarah realised that they were on a live feed on Instagram. She made up a smile and tried to act happy, although there was nothing to be happy for. 

Minutes later, she excused herself to the bathroom. When she took too long to come out, Mindy knocked on the bathroom door. “Sarah? The cake is here,” she said. “Are you bathing?” She asked. No reply came, or any sound which would imply that a bath was taking place. No sound of water.

“What’s going on?” Jacob’s voice from the hallway as he approached Mind, Mercedes Benz keys tingled in his hand. 

“I don’t know,” Mindy said, worry in her tone. 

“Sarah! Sarah!” They tried to enter but it was locked, then they banged the door and screamed her name again. When Jacob kicked the door down, they walked in and found their daughter bleeding on the floor. She was not breathing anymore. Sarah Jessica Parker had committed suicide.