The baby was about to come out now. Meghan also breathed with her mouth, sweat ran all over her face as her friend Sabrina fanned her with a hand. “Can you drive a little quicker?” Sabrina said from the backseat, wrapped Meghan with the other hand. 

“I’m trying, I’m trying,” Daryl yelled. His own face was covered with perspiration, sliding down to his chin, not only due to nervousness but also the temperature of the weather. He would have gotten to the hospital minutes ago if it wasn’t for all these cars ahead. The road was busy and Daryl drove like he was about to collide with other cars; going off road sometimes with screeching tyres as he turned for a corner. Lord, let there not be any traffic jam…

He could hear his wife’s breathing behind him. She sounded like she was seconds away from exploding. Sabrina kept patting her, holding her while telling her to breath and hold on; shakiness in her tone; the sound of someone who’s about to cry. Sabrina, childless at just twenty-three, had never been in such situations before. She knew nothing about giving birth. She dreaded to even think that one day in the future it might be her who’s in this state of this pain and panic – one of the agonies of being a female. 

Just then, Meghan’s breathing turned into a scream. Both Daryl and Sabrina could not hear anything else, the cars outside the road were muted in this scream. The baby was coming. 

“Oh, God,” Sabrina muttered, with no idea of what to do. The baby would surely be birthed in this car because even though Daryl drove at full speed they were still far from reaching the hospital, and Meghan was now screaming and crying, blood all over the car seat where her legs sprawled open. 

“Oh my God,” Sabrina muttered again. 

Daryl dared not look back. His wife’s screams were frightening enough. He focused on the road, driving as fast as he could, making sure not to hit other cars. He sped past a red light and overtook a slow taxi ahead of him. 

“Come on, come on, come on,” he said, stomping his foot on the accelerator with a desperate wish that the Toyota would gain more speed than the one it was moving with right now. But the pointer at the speedometer was at the last rate. He saw a sign hanging below the bridge he sped under: NOTTINGHAM HOSPITAL UP AHEAD. The sign gave him hope, “we almost there,” he yelled. Meghan was now crying like she was about to die. Sabrina cried too because she didn’t know to do; she was in deep worry.

As he was driving, on the same lane as him Daryl saw something else. 

A woman on a motorbike riding on the side road. A big ass. White see-through tight pants. Panty liner. Red G-string. Daryl stared at her; stared at that big ass. Such a physique she had, even though on a motorbike Daryl could tell she was a sexy woman. He somehow couldn’t find it in himself to drive past her to get a look at her face. He kept looking at her behind. She had that body that most women would go to a surgeon for. Daryl was still looking at her. Those thighs. 

The Toyota hit the bus and it spun around a couple of times and got crashed by other incoming cars. Then the Toyota was hit off the road to the soil ground on the side, it turned and turned then landed on its roof off the road on the soil. So much dust. The front left tyre came out and rolled around. Daryl wasn’t driving now and Sabrina was no longer worried. Meghan wasn’t screaming anymore.