Tommy parked his old Ford truck on the soil parking space and put the keys on his pocket. 20:13. The night was still young. Tommy found the people in the bar to be so many. He strolled over to the mean faced bartender who had a scar shaped like the Nike logo on his forehead. He didn’t know whether he was livid or that’s how he actually looked like. “Single Martini, on the rocks,” Tommy said. A closer look at the bartender made Tommy realise that it’s a woman. A lesbian. She poured him his order, he wanted to ask her how did she get that long scar but due to the anger on her face, Tommy chose not to ask. 

He took the glass, swung around on his stool to take a look at the rest of the bar. 

There were a lot of people at the tables, drinking and chatting while others moved to the slow music. This was the vibe Tommy could get used to. He motioned his head to the beat of the music as he sipped his Martini. He scanned the area side by side. Amongst all the bar attendants one paused his gaze for seconds. He looked at her and for a moment – she sat at a table conversing with two men – she looked back at him, he immediately dropped his look on the glass he held and took another drink. Somehow the drink gave him the confidence to look back at her. When he returned his gaze he saw her cat-walk towards him. Swaying her naked hips in every step she took, she was wearing a high-waist, (because it was tied a knot above her left figure) short sleeved shirt and blue denim shorts which were a tight fit against her thick yellow thighs. Topped off that with Timberland boots. 

“Hey,” she said to him, her voice was a moan. They talked for a while, told him her name’s Lisa. “I’m Tommy,” he said with a grin. Then he bought her another drink and they talked some more. It was a bit difficult for him to focus on what she was saying; she looked mad gorgeous up close, talking like she’s moaning, her lips so shiny with Cherry red lipstick the way they moved it was as if she was inviting him for a kiss. She smelt like sweet peaches. 

Out of nowhere, in the moments of sipping and staring, she began dancing on him. An exotic dance which he thought of as weird at first, but a few seconds later he was zoned in. Tommy put his unfinished glass to the side. He thought the alcohol was making her do this, then he remembered that during their talk she neither sounded tipsy nor drunk. Not even looked like like it, so the moves she pulled at his groin were genuine. 

Tommy was also surprised that none of the men in the bar were staring. He peaked his eyes over her head and saw that the two guys she had shared the table with were now gone. Lisa pulled a chair, pushed him, he fell on it, surprised. She continued the sexy dance, making him want to grab her. A smile grew on his face because he couldn’t hold it back. He felt her warm thighs on his laps as she twirled on him. Something in him moved. Lisa danced and danced, then she whirled away with a naughty smile. Tommy watched her leave the bar.

He stood up to follow her, but the lesbian bartender called him back in a manly tone “hey. You haven’t settled your bill yet, where you think you going?” 

Tommy returned to the bar and asked for a refill of a Martini to refreshen up his mind. She twisted the cap off the bottle as he asked, “you know her?” 

“No,” said the bartender. “First time seeing her here. They all come and go with different men, no return.”

Tommy emptied the glass in one swallow. He shoved his hand in his pocket to pull out the wallet for payment. The wallet wasn’t there. He tapped his body. When he searched himself he found that the car keys were also gone. The phone, too, was not in his pockets where he had put it. Tommy froze, eyes moving like crazy. Something came up in his mind. 

“What is it?” The lesbian asked. 

“Wait a minute,” Tommy muttered. He ran out of the bar to the soil parking space outside. All cars were there except his old Ford truck. And Lisa was nowhere to be seen.