It’s in the morning and I get ready for school.I’m not feeling so nice.I have a headache and I drink some pills.I get my phone and I see that I have 2 messages from Bee.I’m not ready to speak to him.Not now.

“Sis can I please have taxi fare.”

“I put it there on the cupboard.”she says.

“I’m out.”I say leaving the house.

The air is so fresh today.The birds are singing. The sun is out.My mood changes in an instant.I sing on my way to the taxi.

I arrive at school.We’re writing Afrikaans today so no need to panick.Everything is well.I’m at school early so I decide to go sit in my Afrikaans class.Right after that Dudu enters the class.

My friend!!”she says loudly.

She sits next to me and looks at me deeply in the eyes.

“Is everything okay?”she says.

“Yes everything is fine but something happened yesterday.”

“Is it Bee?”she asks.

“Yeah he told me something that disturbed me and I don’t know how to answer it.”

“Out with it what’s up?”she says impatiently.

“Here,”I say giving her my phone to read the message I got from Bee.

“This is uhm..but wait isn’t it early for this?”she says.

“Early for what this isn’t what I had imagined it go be like.”

She reads the message again.It read.

I think you’re the person I wanna be in a relationship with.If only you’re interested I think maybe we can try.

Just hearing the message again makes me nervous.I don’t know how to feel or what to do.I don’t think of him that way.Yeah I know he is cute and stuff but nah man I just can’t no I don’t do dating.

“Dude do you like him please just be honest with me,”she says.

“Uhm..he’s cute I know and he has a sense of humor but no I just can’t, you know that I can’t.”

“Please answer my question.”she says.

“Okay I’m not sure but when I think of him I get nervous,seeing his message pop up gets me excited.”

“Okay then it seems like he’s so special to you,”says Dudu with a sigh.

“Yeah but now all this is gonna ruin everything,”I say sadly.

“You know that it doesn’t have to end like that right?”she says.

“What can be done again?”I say.

“You can try it out and see if it works out or not,”says Dudu.

I don’t know what to do right now.A lot is in my mind.I can’t be disappointing myself what if I get hurt in the process.

“I don’t know you know? I think it’s best if I just tell him I have a bf then I think he’ll back off and understand.”

“Okay then do whatever that feels right my love and always rember to always follow your heart and know that I’ll always be by your side I love you babe,”says Dudu smiling.

Just the words I needed to hear I feel a lot better now.I’ve left Bee hanging for too long .I think I should make a decision.

We’re in our Maths class for the extra class.Our classmates tells us that Sir is in a meeting.The extra class is canceled.

Wait for me!!”says Dudu.

“Don’t you have hockey practice today.”

“No this is the last week of school remember.”

Ohh I nearly forgot everything happened so fast.Wait wait,last week of school?How though?So this means the ‘holidays’ and by that it means I’ll be going to Rustenburg.I won’t stand meeting Bee not today not tomorrow not even next year. What am I gonna do?

“Ohh yeah I remember.”

“So when are you planning on replying to Bee.”

“Dude I’m thinking about that now I just can’t.”

“Okay lemme do it for you.”

“You bet?”

“Yeah sure.”

“Okay but first what are you gonna tell him?”

“Something that will make both of you happy,without y’all having to separate.”

“I wonder what is it?but it’s fine do it.”

I trust her.Plus I don’t have the time nor power to answer Bee.So it’s better if someone does it for me.

Tomorrow we’re writing our final paper.I can’t wait to get done with it.I can’t wait for December holidays!!I get home early and start studying.I take short breaks in between. I check the message Dudu sent to Bee.But he has already replied to it.

What do you think if we stay friends first.Then after that we’ll see where it takes us.Don’t you think?

Yeah that is a great idea.I’m off to soccer practice and I can’t wait to see you. Have a nice day my queen.

Whoa this helps me relax a bit.He said I’m his queen,what?I also can’t wait to for the holidays.This feeling make me both nervous and excited.