It’s Sunday morning and people are cleaning and chatting. I’m on the bed and I’m with my cousins we all slept on the same bed the four of us.My back hurts and I’m hungry.I try getting up very slowly so that I don’t wake anybody up but my attempt fails.

“Dude what time is it?”,says Hlehle in a sleepy voice.”It’s time to wake up”,I say jokingly.

“We have something to talk about and please don’t get mad with me,”she says.

I think about it and wonder what it is she’s gonna say to me in no time Zee also wakes up.”Morning people”,says Zee kicking the blankets off her feet.

“What are you guys talking about that I’m disturbing, is everything okay?”

“Yeah,”we both say standing up to go to the kitchen.

We decide that Zee will make the food, Hlehle will make tea and I will wash the dishes after we’re done eating.

“Guys we have no bread,” says Zee searching in the bread bin.

Hlehle and I take this chance to talk about whatever it is she wanted to tell me in the morning.We walk to the shop slowly chatting feeling the morning breeze on our face.

“So uhm the guy you were talking to yesterday,” she says trying to see my reaction after saying that.”Yeah what about him?” I ask.

“Dude he’s very nice and I swear you gonna like him please just give him a chance,” she blurts out.

“Woah woah slow down what are you on about?”, I ask.

“He is asking for your tens and I can assure you that he is a great guy ,to add on that he is very sexy too.”

I’m not really in to worldly things and I’m trying to get hold of my life I don’t need anything more right now in my life.

“Love I know you want me to be happy but honestly I’m fine and content with life right now I promise you,” I say looking straigh in her eyes.

She seems like she doesn’t take my story and yes she doesn’t back off.

“Please you guys can be friends then pretty please,” she begs.

“Okay I’ll think about it now can we please try walking faster,I’m hungry,”I say.

“Thank you love, you’re the best cousin in the world”,she says hugging me.I love seeing her happy after everything that has happened in the last few days she deserves it.

We get in the house and Khuli is already awake.

“Why did you take so long we’re starving,”says Khuli.”No you can’t just wake up and expect to find food waiting for you chile,”says Zee laughing.

We get done with everything and finally we’re sitting on the table eating.After we’re done and I’m left in the kitchen alone and I put on the kettle to wash the the dishes.Someone comes up at the door and everything becomes blurry.