The ceremony is done and we are back at home in no time.The yard is full of people chatting and others standing on a line waiting to be served food.

I get in the house with my head down and someone is calling me but I don’t pay attention I keep walking.After a moment someone calls again I seem to be very lost.

“Lawu!!”my mom calls I’ve been sitting on the couch gazing at my late aunt’s picture tears flowing unstoppably.”Ma” I reply with a squeaky voice.”Go and look for your cousins it’s time to eat now.”

I get up and go outside i search through the crowd trying to see If I can find them I still can’t seem to focus and I feel hot and out of breath.

“Heyy looking for someone”,a guy says holding my shoulder I get a shock and panick.

“Sorry for scaring you I didn’t meant to” he says anxiously.

“No uhm…it’s okay I’m just not in a good space and yeah uhm…I am looking for my cousins,”I say trying to sound as calm as possible.

“They are there by the cars taking pictures”,he says pointing at three cars parking under a big tree.”Thanks, thank you very much”, I say and walk to the cars to go get them.

“Looking for us?” says Buhle.”Yeah it’s time to eat and mom says it’s getting cold we have to go in the house,” I say in a low tone.

“Mhmm I saw you speaking to the cute guy, care to share the news with us?” says Khuli.

She’s always wanted to see me with a guy she thinks I’m too uptight but whatever I’m not gonna give her what she wants not now.

“No argh…he was just helping me find you guys now that I found you can we please leave!!”, I say out loud.

We walk to the house in silence and truly speaking right now I’m not in the mood for anything rather than sleeping my thoughts away.