Some minutes later Linda was brutally wakened by a loud thunder sound. She’s never been a fan of thunder storms. She got off the bed and made her way to the kitchen to grab a packet of potato chips, her favourite snack and one of the reasons why she was struggling to get rid of the surplus weight she so desired to lose. As she was heading back to the bedroom, her phone rang. She unplugged her phone from the charger and wondered why Qhawe was calling. Her husband never called her unless there was an emergency.

“Qhawe?” Linda answered the phone in a sleepy voice.

“Where the hell are you!” Qhawe yelled.

“I’m in the house, where else would I be?”

“Oh so you’ve locked me out of my own house?”

Linda peaked out of the front window and saw Qhawe’s Toyota Tazz parked outside. She hung up the phone and opened the front door. Qhawe just looked on as the door opened, instead of going to the house he just lit a cigarette and smoked in the car. He mainly just sat there to prove his frustration. Linda was now in the kitchen preparing a sandwich for her husband. She knew he wasn’t going to be pleased, he was a man and according to him men didn’t eat bread.

Some minutes later Qhawe came in and slammed the door. He went to the bedroom, clicking his tongue. Linda followed him, “why are you so wet” she asked.

Qhawe gave her a surprised look as he asked, “would you have been dry if you had spent half an hour in the rain outside?”.

“Oh, sorry about that. I thought you were in the car the whole time.” Linda said, feeling foolish for the question she just asked. “I wasn’t expecting you so early.” She continued.

“You don’t have to expect me in my own house.” Qhawe replied.