Tom ***

I always had suicidal thoughts but today they hit hard . Locking myself here was a good idea cause I never thought Laila will come in the Boy’s toilet imagine!

Laila : Tom please open this door! Tom I demand you open this door now .

Jasmine : Tom we sorry we talked to you in that way.

Candice : yeah we really sorry .

Tom : leave me alone , just give me a break … I’m tired ok stop focusing on me please. I’m tired of living .I want to end my life .

Laila : No Tom not today not any day please Tom don’t do anything stupid .

Jasmine : Tom don’t do this bruh.

Tom : I’m going to drink this poison and die … Cause living is tough for me.

I drank the whole bottle and threw it on the door .

Tom : bye guys I love … You …bye bye…bye.

Laila : Tom , Tom … Tom open this fucken door Tom…. Help , help ( crying)

Jasmine: Tom I’m sorry open this door .

Candice : ( ran outside ) help help we need to open this door … People help guys we need something strong to open the door.

Troy : Laila please stop screaming will you we need to get him out of here okay .

Laila : My Tom, my Tom … ( She whispered)


They broke the door and the paramedics checked his pulse and quickly drove away . I took the trio home because none of them was coping…

The end of the 1st episode.