From unknown: I’ll do it. You’ll come to my house this weekend and we can do it then.

Emily’s heart skipped a beat. He said yes! She replied simply saying okay.Although, she knew this with not be his first child. *Flashback* Emily was playing games on her sister’s tablet. She was told not to go on her photos. Until one day instead of pressing the on the game it went to photos. Emily was suddenly filled with fear, and when she saw Jimines picture for the first time she was confused. She scrolled again and saw another picture. This time with him, a women and his child. Emily was 12 at the time, her sister 16. Emily was too young to understand. Although it would be years later to this present day that she knew all to well, and started being sexually attracted to him. *End of Flashback* the weekend, three days away. Could she wait that long?………..

Fast forward to Friday

Today was such an exciting day. Because tomorrow, Jimine would make me the happiest girl in the world, by giving me he’s child. But first to get through School, this was going to be the longest day ever! I was awakened yet again by a colleague. And i was in a hurry to get home. I had to look good for him. After 15 minutes of walking I reached home and I was breathless. She headed straight to the bathroom to bathe. She had shaved and made sure to get every single hair. She watched as Jimine drove on the driveway above. It was later planned that they with go out first, just to get the mood going. Elena was not well today, so Emily had to cook supper. Emily was glad that Elena was not well, it meant she did not talk so much and notice things. In celebration of tomorrow, Emily was making roast chicken. Her mother walked in the room and asked her what the celebration was about.” It’s nothing” Emily said not sounding very convincing. Tomorrow was going to be good.

Today is now Tommorow and Emily was pumped. She woke up early to get ready to go on their outing. She had decided to wear a blue maxi dress with white white polka dots since it was hot. She would match her dress with a white a high heeled shoe. After choosing her outfit she went straight to the bathroom to bathe and change. Luckily for her Elena was still asleep and had no clue about what was going on. When she was done, she did touch ups on her already straight hair and did light makeup. She grabbed her bag and set off outside.

To her surprise, Jimine was already waiting at the gate. She walked and got into the car and they were off. They arrived at the beautiful Wilson’s Warf, where he had booked a boat ride and everything. Although, no matter how much she wanted this, it just didn’t feel right to her anymore. She wanted to ask him if they could go back home, but than thought about all he had done for her so far. It was too late to turn back now. They had sat around abit, before they were called for the boat ride.

Emily felt sick thinking about how desperate she acted. She realised how she really felt. An hour passed and the boat ride was over, and it was now time to eat. They went to eat John Dorys. Emily was spoilt with all kinds of delicious sea food. Although she and Jimine barley spoke. She felt like crying, knowing she did not want to do this anymore, and neither did him. But she kept quiet and just enjoyed her evening. Before going to his house, they stopped at the beach. They got donuts, and just sat and watched the ocean.

And than out of nowhere, he had kissed her. It was so passionate and Emily felt the butterflies dancing. She felt a connection and she knew he did too. It was getting darker by the minute, and they were heading for home. Emily felt something else now. Something she could not point out. Things changed, they started talking more and it felt so right. They shared with each their favourite songs, hobbies and even some secrets. Jimine even got to know that Emily can drive!. They were now nearing the place that could take them to many places including home.

Emily felt her eyes burn and closed them for a second. When she opened them she found herself in his driveway. She had to prepare herself for what happens next. Jimine led her into his house and told her to get comfortable. She looked around and imagined her walking into this house everyday after work. Jimine walked back into the room, and there was that passionate kiss again. But this one was more heated. She kissed him back deeply, to show that she really into him. This continued on his counter and eventually it led to his bedroom.