Yet another blue Monday and as usual Emily is on her way to work. Emily left extra early just so she could get glimpse of the one who had infected her with the love bug, Jimine. As she reached down the Street, there he was walking to her neighbours house. Although Jimine was her one house away opposite neighbour, he parked his car at her neighbour’s house.

Emily quickly put her head down so he would not catch her blushing. She put her head up when he was no longer in sight and thought of how lucky she was to get a glimpse of him. “Today has started on a very good note,” thought Emily.

She continued on her way to work looking out for any cute boys she could give her number. It was written on paper in her pocket. As she was passing the primary school, there he was again, but this time he was pulling over. Emily felt overjoyed and thought that he had finally noticed her love for him.

But he had other plans. He wanted to know about her sister, Elena who was in her 20’s. He hooted for her, and signalled her to come in. Emily looked around to see that she was the only person there. She hesitated, but then went into the passenger seat. She closed the door and felt like she belonged in there. A wife in her husband’s car. He locked the door, started driving and eventually greeted.

Emily felt felt like she could cry, being next to him. It was then that she greeted him back.” I won’t harm you, I just need some information”.

” Information about what” she said her heart almost melting.

” Information about your sister”. She knew it. She felt the anger build up, knowing that this wasn’t going to be about her.

” What’s in it for me”. “Anything you want, I just need you to tell me about your sister”.

Anything I want, Emily thought and found out what she wanted the most. By this time they had reached her school and were now talking, parked outside the gate.

” I want something to remember you by. In case you didn’t know I have a crush on you”. She instantly covered her mouth and regretted what she just said.

” Just tell me, I have to get to work”.

“I want something really special form you. I want you to be my first. I want to carry your baby”. She turned to him and he looked blank. She than remembered and grabbed the paper out of her pocket.” Here’s my number. Give me a call after you have thought about it”. She handed him the paper and reached over to his side to unlock all doors. And with that she had left his car, and walked into the school without looking back. She saw her friend in shock, after seeing her talking to her “special neighbour”. She walked over and gave her friend a big hug.

“You have to tell me everything”. Emily was brought back to reality by the sound of her colleague calling her. It was the end of another day at work.She rushed out the gates and quickly walked home. When she got home she was expected to see a message on her phone. But nothing, blank. Did Jimine not want the information anymore?

Later on when her sister came from work, Emily could not look her in the eye. She was angry that Jimine wanted Elena and not her. “What’s wrong, what have I done” in times like this Emily hated how her sister could read her like a magazine.

“Nothing, let’s do our skin care routine”. It was around 6 when they were done and Emily turned by mistake only to see Jimine there, shirtless. She looked for a moment and thought that soon she would see more than just that!. She went to her phone and found the message she was waiting for.