“Where could he be?” Fanele asks his mother.

“Nomalanga will bring him back.” Mrs Ntini replies.

“I can’t believe Noma is now an addict.” Muzi says.

“You ruined alot of lives, Muzi.”

The shack goes silent.

Muzi remembers when he started dating Nomalanga. She was the most beautiful and intelligent girl in the entire village. She was light skinned, with beautiful eyes that had a rare glow to them. She had long hair, that most girls were jealous of. She spoke English with an accent, she walked like a model, and all the boys respected Muzi for landing a bomb like her.

Nomalanga’s parents were preachers. She was from a strict family, but after two years of dating, Muzi finally got a chance to dip in the forbidden fruit. Nomalanga was his first, and he was also her first. They were happy together. They studied hard. Nomalanga bagged a bursary, and Muzi did too. The only difference was, Muzi was moving to Joburg and Nomalanga to Cuba.

They made love the night before Muzi left, Nomalanga had come around with her father’s car and she drove them to another part of the village. They had made love inside the car, the windows getting steamy and hot. That must be when their son was conceived.

Muzi is pulled out of his thoughts when Fanele walks in, followed closely by Nomalanga.

“Fanele.” Muzi stands up.

He doesn’t answer, he stares at him blankly.

“I am so so sorry, my boy.” Muzi says.

“For what? Leaving grandma? Or pushing my mom to drugs?” Fanele asks.

“For everything. I should’ve been here. Things would’ve turned out differently.”

“What do you want? We were doing just fine before you came here.” Fanele asks

“You’re not doing fine, son. I’m here to make life better for all of you.” Muzi says.